About Outer Circle


Outer Circle was born from the mind of a brilliant professional bicycle rider who pioneered the custom world for the cycling industry. He then noticed how the motorsports world which he was also passionate about, were working in all the elements of the heat and maintaining top performance had the idea that he could cross over all the technology of performance fabrics and dye sublimation to get the motorsports leagues projected into the latest and greatest that performance had to offer! 


From there the rest is history, we know there are many other companies that can provide a similar "look", but no one has been able to meet the bench mark that Outer Circle has set, and we are proud to state that we are still the pioneers in performance, comfort and most important appearance! After all they are designed to show off those beautiful colors and fly the banner of you #1 fans, your sponsors! 


Please allow us to let you shine and perform at your best with letting us drive what we do best, TOP QUALITY CUSTOM APPAREL with patent pending Carbon Fiber technologies!